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Window security guards, also known as window security bars, window bars, window guards, burglar bars and window security grilles, are manufactured and installed by Suburban Welding Company®. Window security guards are available in a vast array of styles and design choices. Window security guards are custom made to fit most windows. They are typically desired to provide a measure of security for a window, or to add an ornamental iron appearance to windows. Window security guards can be ornamental iron window security guards, wrought iron window security guards, or decorative window security guards. The term window bars has been applied to all of them. Suburban Welding Company® makes and installs a wide variety of window security guards, including swing open window security guards for egress in the event of an emergency or fire. Swing open bedroom window security guards, required in most jurisdictions, are also made and installed by Suburban Welding Company®. Even windows with air conditioners can be fitted with air conditioner window security guards or bars. Whether referred to as window security guards, window security bars, window security grilles or simply window bars, Suburban Welding Company® has design choices to meet most ornamental iron and window security guard needs. Shown here is a random sampling from our photo gallery of over 40 years that depict the common uses of window security guards. Ornamental ironwork is highly adaptable to accommodate almost limitless applications, and window security guards can be tailored to meet most design requirements while providing the desired security. Call Suburban Welding Company® at 703-765-9344 for all your window security guard needs.
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