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Patio Door Barrier Railing, Door Guard Rails, Door Guard Railings, Door Safety Railing, and Door Safety Barriers are all supplied and installed by Suburban Welding Company®. These are all terms listed as required by various building codes. Suburban Welding Company® also manufactures and installs French Door Barrier Railings, French Door Guard Rails and railings, and French Door Safety Railings. These protective and safety railings are required when there is no porch, deck, balcony, or other structure on the egress side of the door, with an approved railing system, to prevent falls. Suburban Welding Company® also supplies and installs Balcony Door Barrier Railing and Safety Railing.  Welding repairs and ironwork repairs are also performed by Suburban Welding Company®.  Door Guard Rail design variations are also available. Call Suburban Welding Company® at 703.765.9344 for additional information about Patio Door Barrier Railing.
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