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Can’t get large equipment in? WE can get in! BIG work with SMALL machines. Track-driven, skid steer zero radius turn machines that only apply 5 PSI ground pressure, so they are turf-friendly (average man’s footstep approximately 15 PSI). Need a mulch, topsoil or gravel pile moved and leveled? These machines can get almost anywhere a wheelbarrow can, just a lot faster and with greater capacity. Debris and disaster cleanup, large tree trunks moved, digging, trenching, loading, dozing, stump grinding, tree grapple, pavement breaking, power brooming, forklift, dumpster loading, grading, backfilling, footers dug, front end loader and backhoe. Everything from excavation to demolition, these machines and our operators can do it all. One model can even fit through gates and doors (only 34½” wide). If you want, it can all be loaded into a Roll-Off Dumpster and it is GONE! Have you wondered how you can get a pile of mulch or topsoil moved from the front yard or street to the back yard? Or how you could get equipment into the back yard to dig or remove debris? This could be the answer to that and much more. Of course, Suburban Welding Company® still provides the same full services of welding and ornamental ironwork, ironwork repairs and welding services we always have. Call us at 703-765-9344.
GROUND AUGER Hydraulic drilling of 9”, 12”, 18”, and 24” holes up to 5 feet deep. Installing fence posts, deck posts, curb- boxes, planting trees and shrubs. Installing SONOTUBES for concrete pillars, columns, and piers. Auger holes fast and easy in soil containing moderate stone, shale, and hard clay. A high-torque hydraulic Ground Auger is an extreme time saver! ROOT AND ROCK PICK Ripping tree roots and rocks from the ground Ripping asphalt driveways “Flipping” concrete sidewalks for demolition Breaking hard ground and trenching for underground wires Demolition of walls and small structures Best of all uses:  “popping” fence posts set in concrete out of the ground!  There is no other tool that we are aware of that performs this task.  Simply plunge it into the ground behind the post, then curl and lift.  The post is extracted from the ground without digging.  Amazing!  A whole fence-line of posts set in concrete can be removed in minutes.  No digging required. Rock, tree roots, posts, small tree stumps, bushes, underground wires or pipes, concrete, etc.  If it is in the ground, this attachment extracts it. LOG SPLITTER AND STUMP ASSASSIN Split large logs and whole trees, either lying on the ground or still standing. Splitting trees makes it easier to cut with smaller chainsaws. Split those large logs you would normally discard. Tree stumps are easily split into small pieces for easy removal without messy, time consuing grinding of stumps. Powerful, reversible hydraulic action. Long reach extension available. Say goodbye to lifting and positioning large logs for splitting.  Split them where they lie. Easily splits a whole large tree too big for conventional log splitters.
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HYDRAULIC “JAWS” GRABBING ATTACHMENT Pulling fence posts, trees, shrubs, poles, etc. from the ground Lifting and setting posts or poles into pre-augered holes.  Grab the pole or post lying on the ground, raise it up vertically, and drop it into the hole, it’s that simple. Grabbing objects of odd shapes and sizes for carrying Lifting or loading logs and timbers Building walls with large rocks Constructing retaining walls with large timbers. Grabbing, pulling, and lifting with massive gripping hydraulic pressure No need for chains, slings, chokers, or even a forklift. Grab it anywhere and do what you want with it. Loading or unloading trucks or trailers with these powerful “jaws” is an extreme time saver. 1 TON ELECTRIC- HYDRAULIC DUMP TRAILERS TRAILER MOVING ATTACHMENTS
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 Various size buckets to 48” wide, with and without Digging Teeth. Some can even fit through 36” wide gates and doors (only 34½” wide).

 Loading, digging, backfilling, leveling, grading. Moving dirt, mulch, gravel piles or other landscaping materials. Lot clean-up. Can load Dumpsters and small trucks.  Click here to see photos!



 Digs to 6’6” deep with 8”; 13”; 16” and 24” Buckets. Gets into tight spaces where others can’t. AMAZING MACHINE! Digging footers, foundations, trenching, utilities installation, irrigation, planting trees, loading small trucks, trailers, dumpsters.   Click here to see photos!



 48” Wide. Leveling, grading, spreading, backfilling trenches, etc  Click here to see photos!



 Vertical and Horizontal. Breaks concrete, asphalt, bricks, blocks, stones, walls, steps, sidewalks, basement floors, patios, slabs, driveways.   Click here to see photos!



 Grinds tree stumps up to 36” above and 16 1/2” below grade.   Click here to see photos!



 For loading trees. Also for lifting and hauling trees, tree trunks and brush piles.   Click here to see photos!



 Lifting building materials, large cut up tree trunks, debris, heavy appliances, machinery, loading dumpsters, all forklift tasks.   Click here to see photos!



 Our DINGO operators can use this lifting boom for long reach lifting, loading or unloading trucks and trailers, raising and lowering long posts of any size into post holes for deck building, raising and setting beams vertically or horizontally and for light demolition.  At only 34 1/2" wide, our operators can get these DINGOS into tight spaces to do heavy lifting jobs with this CRANE BOOM.  We have rigging capabilities that can handle most object sizes and shapes to be lifted.  For Dingo with operator needs, call Suburban Welding Company® at 703-765- 9344.  Our vast DINGO attachments, coupled with our trained operators can save time and labor costs.  Call Suburban Welding Company® at 703-765-9344 and we will tell you how we can speed up your project with our DINGO equipment and experienced operators.

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 49” wide. Grade, finish, spread topsoil, backfill trenches.

 Produces nice finished grade and removes stones.

 Also great for carrying material around a job site.

 Can also be used for fast, effortless pulling of chain link fence posts and other metal and wood posts set in concrete.  Ask for a demonstration of this use.   Click here to see photos!



 48” Wide. Great for jobsite cleanup, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, streets at construction and excavation site entrances, snow removal.   Click here to see photos!



 Ripping hard ground, sidewalks, tree roots & stumps, walls, posts, large rocks.   Click here to see photos!



 8” wide bucket, trenches to 24” deep, for use when the full size backhoe attachment is not required.

 Rip out small tree stumps, tree roots and rocks. Great for breaking up hard ground.

 Quick change to front end loading bucket for combination work - less than 1 minute to change attachments   Click here to see photos!



 Replaces bucket on backhoe for the BIG ripping jobs.  Large rocks, tree stumps, roots, concrete, frozen ground, etc.  Need to rip it out?  This is it!   Click here to see photos!



 14” spring steel fork for lifting, positioning, and spading rocks, tree roots, sidewalks, slabs, concrete demolition, and irrigation trenching.   Click here to see photos!




 Longer Reach!


 Different Angle!





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